With October here, you’re entering your prime data-collection months.

You don’t want to miss out on collecting your customers’ social handles, especially since you’re likely acquiring some of your holiday traffic with increased ad spend on these social platforms.

To take maximum advantage of your holiday traffic without burning up…

We are excited to announce that you can now track Instagram Story mentions on your Gatsby platform! When Instagram Stories launched nearly 5 years ago, it offered a more “real time” and ephemeral way to share content. Now, over 500 million users utilize this feature every single day to take…

Our Director of Sales, Bob Vail, joined marketing experts from Yotpo, Sezzle and Tapcart for a DTC masterclass hosted by Gorgias on Tuesday, June 29, 2021.

The topic is a particularly hot one right now: how to elevate the ecommerce experience.

Ecommerce soared during the pandemic and shows no signs of stopping. But as customers have become more ecommerce-friendly, there are new expectations and opportunities for brands to enhance the experience, and a suite of tools (like Gatsby), are available to help.

Bob shares why taking a new, more efficient approach to influencer marketing by focusing on your customers is the key to building a meaningful connection with them and growing your brand.

Watch here (our segment starts at about 21:08) for how Gatsby can automate this process and scale your strategy.

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Our Sales Director, Bob Vail, joined marketing experts from Justuno, Skubana, Omnisend and Wpromote for Justuno’s “2021 Ecommerce Marketing Benchmarks” webinar moderated by Steve Hutt of Ecommerce Fastlane.

So what’s ahead for the rest of 2021 and beyond?

Bob explains how influencer marketing has taken more of a central role for marketing and PR teams and capturing social handles has become more ubiquitous as brands realize the value of knowing their customers’ social following. Watch below for more trends in the influencer space and how Gatsby can help automate and scale the process of identifying and connecting with your most influential customers.

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Gatsby helps identify and create conversations between brands and their most social customers. Try it now: https://www.gatsby.ai/

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