Gatsby 2.0 is Here!

3 min readJul 19, 2023


Welcome to Gatsby 2.0! You might notice things look a bit different around here…let’s just say we’ve made a few home improvements! Not only did our branding get a refresh (did you check out our new logo?), our new and improved platform has been redesigned to better fit the evolving demands of our growing merchants.

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We know influencer marketing can be messy. We designed Gatsby 2.0 to help you get control, with automations and integrations that easily supercharge your community at scale.

Gatsby 2.0 takes micro-influencer marketing to new heights, allowing you to scale your ambassador campaigns like never before.

“2.0 was designed to make community management simpler, quicker and more efficient with the tools and integrations you need to keep up in this ever-growing space.”

- Brett Bernstein, Founder and CEO

Most noticeably, we’ve updated the interface, but we’ve also enhanced the platform to make influencer management even faster, easier and more adaptable to new features down the road (hint, hint).

Speaking of new features, Gatsby 2.0 also includes some key new features based on top requests. Let’s take a peek:

Streamlined Ambassador Management

Our updated Community Tab gives you even more detailed insights on the influencers who engage with your brand for better visibility and management. You’ll be able to see every single person who tags your brand and can still see key data such as follower and post count, or if they’re part of any segments you’ve created.

And now, with our new Profile Details page, you’ll also be able to see a timeline of all interactions (Instagram Story mentions, Posts, and Reels with timestamps) so you can get the full picture of their relationship with your brand.

Plus, you’ll be able to see all of the UGC you’re tagged in, which you can download directly in high-resolution from Gatsby (no third party apps required!).

Smarter DM Inbox Management

With Gatsby 2.0 you can now receive and respond to Instagram DMs directly within our platform — no need to open Instagram! And of course, you can still create smart auto-replies to DMs based on keywords you select to streamline your inbox management.

You can also filter and segment your auto-replies to further customize your response. For example, influencers with different follower counts can receive slightly different responses.

Seamless Integrations

Gatsby 2.0 was designed with integrations in mind — our new system runs smoother, faster and more adaptable so you can easily fit Gatsby in with your current tech stack.

In addition to being a Shopify Partner, Gatsby 2.0 is made extra valuable with our integration partners like Klaviyo, Attentive, Gorgias, LoyaltyLion, Stamped, Yotpo, Rebuy, Justuno and more so you can synchronize and automate your entire community workflows.

Get Started Today

In keeping with our mission to make influencer marketing more efficient, getting started with Gatsby is super simple:

All current Gatsby customers will now be greeted with Gatsby 2.0 when you open the Shopify app and if you’re not using Gatsby yet, you can simply fill out a quick form on this page to request access to the latest & greatest.

Last but not least, a special shoutout to all of our clients — it’s thanks to your feature requests that we’ve built such a great product!




Influencer marketing is messy. Get control with Gatsby 2.0: Automate, integrate, and supercharge your community at scale.