Gatsby on The Klaviyo Growth Podcast

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Our Founder/CEO, Brett Bernstein, recently joined the Klaviyo Growth team for a podcast about the significance of micro-influencers and why your most effective influencer marketing campaign starts with your customers. Click below to hear what inspired Brett to create Gatsby, why micro and nano-influencers provide the best ROI, and how to automate a strategy to source and partner with them using Gatsby and Klaviyo.

Short on time? In the clip below, Brett explains “the problem” with influencer marketing which Gatsby solves, in large part thanks to our partnership with Klaviyo. We bet you can relate!

Want to see it in action? Here’s an updated demo, showing how you can use Gatsby and our newest integration with Klaviyo to completely automate your influencer marketing strategy:

Click here for more about our integration with Klaviyo, or go ahead and get started now.

Gatsby helps identify and create conversations between brands and their most social customers. Try it now:

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