Promix’s first automated ambassador program sparked a thriving, multi-faceted customer community.

5 min readFeb 3, 2022


Founded by a collegiate athlete with a Masters of Science in Exercise Physiology, and dual Bachelors in Food Science & Human Nutrition and Human Performance, Promix Nutrition is all about peak performance. No shortcuts, no fillers.

So when they decided to open up their ambassador program to scale it beyond professional athletes, Gatsby helped them accomplish a fully automated strategy that feeds their social customers into a broad range of company initiatives.

  • 6.96% opt-in rate on order confirmation page
  • 50% of applicants qualified to receive ambassador offer
  • 6% of ambassadors published content for Promix so far
  • NEW Story tracking increased media by 133%


Their athlete ambassadors include pro NFL players, Peloton instructors, and Olympic athletes (like Enoch who ran a 2:13:04 Marathon — which is a jaw dropping 5:04 pace per mile for 26.2 miles). These professional athletes are hand curated influencers who have helped get the word out about Promix in a big way.

But as Promix’s nutritional products started to take off and organic social posts flowed in, Promix needed a way to harness all that new authentic influence — influence that was spread out among their customer base, and slipping through the cracks.

“We were searching for a way to formally connect with existing customers and new buyers and create a higher level of day-to-day engagement with them to spread the word about Promix. After a recommendation from our consultant Ben Zettler, we found that in Gatsby.” -Albert Matheny, Founder


Promix worked with Ben Zettler Digital Media to roll out Gatsby. By setting up a simple landing page and driving their Klaviyo subscribers to it, Gatsby helped Promix identify thousands of their influential customers, encourage all of them to get more involved with the brand, and provided a system for Promix’s marketing team to easily track and reward all this new micro-influencer engagement.

In order for this to work at scale, it needed to be quick and seamless for their customers to get into the program. No lengthy signup form, no bank connection for affiliate commissions.

What customers really want is acknowledgement. They want to be seen by the brands they love. When they publish content about a brand, they want to know it’s being received and appreciated. Gatsby made this super easy for Promix.

“Gatsby has allowed us to track social mentions and reward our most engaged customers with exclusive experiences. It is the foundational piece that allows us to run our new ambassador program.” — Albert Matheny, Founder


Promix launched their ambassador landing page by sending the following email to a specific segment of their recently active customers:

‍Subject line: [Exclusive Opportunity] Apply to Become a Promix Ambassador

Preview text: Want to collaborate with us on Instagram and earn free products + more?‍

They sent the email to 20,239 customers and got an astounding 53.6% open rate and 5.4% click rate

Nearly 900 customers submitted their Instagram handle into the Ambassador Landing Page that first day.

This is in addition to Instagram handles submitted in their welcome popup and order confirmation pages every day.

Below are the opt-in rates from each of their forms over the past 90 days:

Welcome Popup: 3.27% conversion rate

Landing Page: 31.3% conversion rate

Order Confirmation: 6.96% conversion rate

In their Gatsby account, every ambassador submission is immediately enriched with Instagram stats like # of followers, and tracked when they mention @promixnutrition in a post or story.

Every Instagram Story is tracked and logged indefinitely in their Gatsby dashboard, no more fear of missing them within 24 hours!

From among their first 3,000 ambassador applicants, nearly 50% or 1,483 had greater than 750 followers.

These qualified ambassadors received the following collaboration offer through a Klaviyo automated flow:

They’re getting over an 80% open rate on this offer and a 5% click rate.

Once an ambassador publishes content, like this:

They receive a reward email kicked off by a Klaviyo flow, like this:

Among the 1,483 ambassadors they approved and sent offers, 6% already followed through and published content tagging Promix.

Important to note, that for their first 3 months, it was required that their ambassadors publish Posts to their Instagram Feeds in order for it to be tracked:

However, in the past 10 days since Gatsby rolled out Story tracking, they’ve seen a 133% increase in their tracked media.

The influencer media tracked in Gatsby jumped from 78 pieces of content to 182 pieces of content and growing faster each day.

That’s 104 new Instagram mentions from their influential customers in the past 10 days, entirely through automated workflows.

‍Now with their success, they’ve started feeding their ambassador program into broader company initiatives around fostering community.

They are working on opening up a discord channel, promoting their most active ambassadors into formal Athlete Affiliates, launching monthly calls with their Co-Founder, Devon Levesque, who is a big fitness influencer, structuring monthly giveaways and more.

“Gatsby integrates very well with Shopify/Klaviyo and is a core part of our social marketing effort…great overall and continuing to get even better.” — Albert Matheny, Founder




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